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Our UPVC – Profile

Formulation in the Foundation for Product Performance and Quality of U-PVC Profile (U stands for Unplasticized) is being Extruded with the Combination of 75% to 80% of PVC and 20% to 25% of addictives and Chemicals like Stabilizers (cazn), Titanium Dioxide, Inpact Modifiers, Processing Aids and Fillers, with a Stringent Monitering of the Formulation to Attain the Consistent Quality.

  1. CAZN (NON LEAD ) – JAPAN:- Stabilazers for Weather Resistant property.
    • Prevent Degradation of Base Material During Processing as PVC Can not be Processed Due to Heat Sensitive nature.
  2. TIO2 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE) – GERMANY:- UV Resistance Properties.
    • Expensive white pigment is added which also impacts natural white color to the profile.
  3. Impact Modifies and Processing Aids-High Impact Strength and high gloss levels - USA
    • Acrylic Based Impact Modifiers are used to retain impact Strength even after UV Exposure
    • Prevent Windows from Cracks during fabrication and Installation process.
    • Stearic Acid Coated with high Degree of Whitener – Meconical Properties and Surface Apierance.


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Our Products
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Our Products

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